History tour of Shimbashi, birthplace of Japanese railway. Sightseeing base: “The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome“

History tour of Shimbashi, birthplace of Japanese railway.  Sightseeing base: “The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome“ Shimbashi is where many Japanese and foreign businessmen come and go. It is a great location for public transportation that takes about one hour by train from Narita Airport via Nippori and about 30 minutes from Haneda Airport. About 140 years ago, Shimbashi was Japan's first railway terminal station.

The steam locomotive has been displayed that had run during the Pacific War.

Shimbashi Station was the starting terminal of Tokaido Main Line from when it opened in September 1872 to when Tokyo Station opened in December 1914. Currently, when you get out of Shimbashi Station's Hibiya exit, you will see an old steam locomotive displayed in the so-called "SL Square" as a symbol of Japan's railway birthplace. It is also the popular meet-up spot. On weekdays, lots of businessmen come and go here.
On display here is a C11 steam locomotive. The front plate shows "C11 292." It went into service from February 1945, near the end of World War II. It had covered ground over 1 million km until retiring. It was placed in front of Shimbashi Station in October 1972 to commemorate Japan's 100th anniversary of railway service.

“Railway History Exhibition Hall” connecting the past to the present of Shimbashi as Japan's railway birthplace.

There is “Railway History Exhibition Hall” near Shimbashi station by walk at the site of the original Shimbashi station that had been origin of Tokaido Main Line. Videos and printed materials show Japan's historical railway heritage and how the Shiodome area changed. Part of the foundation of the original Shimbashi Station is also displayed. Through audio and visual presentations, you can get an idea of what the station was like in the old days. There are also special exhibits that change periodically to feature different themes. Many people visit to learn about past history. The hall is open 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. and closed on Mondays (open if a national holiday and closed Tuesday instead). Admission is free. It is worth to visit to learn about Japanese railway history.

Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints) also show Shimbashi as the birthplace of railways in Japan.

Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints) - is well known as centuries-old, traditional Japanese craft that had a major influence on art in Europe and the United States. There are many ukiyo-e prints depicting the opening of the original Shimbashi Station.
In 1872, Utagawa Yoshitora created the “Railroad Opening at Shimbashi Night View Print”, Shosai Ikkei made a print titled, “Steam Locomotive Service Starting Festival at Shiodome”, and Hiroshige III (apprentice of Utagawa Hiroshige, famous for the “Fifty-three Stages of the Tokaido”) produced the print, “Tokyo Shiodome Railroad Opening Festival".
Ukiyo-e which mirror the society show that how astonishing it must have been to have a railroad running from Shimbashi at a time when Japan was adopting many western elements.

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