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01  Ginza


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Old shops steeped in history and tradition as well as a collection of international brand shops lining the Namikidori Avenue and the series of department stores dotting the Chuo Avenue are the highlights of this area. It's a 5 minute walk from the hotel towards the Ginza 8 Chome direction.

02  Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji Market

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It is considered the largest fish market in the world and is a model of a typical wholesale market in Japan. The accent is on fresh seafood and visitors throng to glimpse the happenings every day. Opening hours are 5 in the morning and this is a sight worth seeing.

03  Asakusa


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Sensouji, the oldest temple in Tokyo is the landmark of this area. The Nakamise and the rows of shops leading up to the temple evoke the ambience of a bygone Edo era. The cruise boat operates between the Hotel and Asakusa gate making for a delightful cruise down the Sumida river.

04  Shibuya


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The Shibuya districts is a popular haunt for young people seeking the latest in fashion trends. The 109 building, shops selling knick knacks as well as rows of street shops are the highlight of this shopping area.

05  Hama Rikyu Garden

Hama Rikyu Garden

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Hama Rikyu Garden is an attractive garden of special historical significance as the residence of the Tokugawa feudal Lord. Located 5 minutes from the Hotel, it is an oasis in the midst of the bustling metropolis, where the seasonal flowers bloom.

06  Odaiba


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A gigantic amusement area where you can indulge in shopping, eating from gourmet restaurants and a whole bouquet of entertainment facilities, all while looking out over a view of the Odaiba Tokyo Bay. A visit to Daikanransha amusement park, the museum and a soak in the onsen will complete your day.

07  Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

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Known world over as a symbol of Tokyo, the Tokyo tower is a spot that shouldn't be missed. Rising to a height of 250 m, the highlight is the magnificent view from the special viewing platform.

08  Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace

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A part of the imperial palace is converted into a garden and open for public viewing. The double bridge near the entrance of the palace is striking and in Spring, the Sakura tress in full bloom draw crowds of people. It's a popular spot for a walk or a stroll.

09  Takao


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Mt. Takao is 599 m high and located in western Tokyo. It is blessed with Nature's rich bounty and is designated as a national park. It is a popular spot for mountain hiking. In recognition of its magnificent beauty, Mt. Takao appeared in the 2007 edition of Michelin's Voyager Pratique Japonand.There is a famous temple near the peak.

10  Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome

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Tokyo Dome is an all-weather multipurpose stadium where a variety of events are being staged throughout the year, including baseball games, domestic and international sporting events, exhibitions and concerts. As the baseball stadium, it is a home to the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants, and a venue for a number of major events in the history of professional baseball in Japan.

Area Information

Train Line and Nearest station
Change of train lines and
total travel time
Tourist Spots
JR Yamanote line "Yurakucho station"
Tokyo Metro Ginza line "Ginza station"
Toei Asakusa line "Higashi Ginza station"
・5 minute walk from the hotel
・3 minutes from Shinbashi station
・Hibiya Park
・The intersection of Ginza 4 Chome
・Kabuki Theatre
・Movie Theatres
Toei Oedo line
"Tsukiji Shijou station"
A 15 minute walk from the Hotel
or a 3 minute walk from Shiodome
station on the Toei Oedo line
・Tsukiji market
Toei Asakusa line
"Asakusa station"
13 minutes from Shimbashi station
on the Toei Asakusa line
・Sensoji Temple
Tokyo Metoro Ginza line
"Shibuya station"
14 minutes from Shimbashi station
on the Tokyo Metoro Ginza line
・Statue of Hachiko
・Shibuya Crossroad
Yurikamome "Daiba station"
15 minutes from Yurikamome
Shiodome station
・Fuji TV Headquarters
・Aqua City Odaiba
・Tokyo big Sight
JR Tokyo station
5 minutes from JR Shimbashi
station by the Yamanote line.
・Imperial Palace
・Ootemachi business district
JR Chuo line "Takao station"
From Shiodome station on JR
Yamanote line to Tokyo station 
Change to Chuo line- 67 minutes
・Mt. Takao
JR Yamanote line "Ueno station"
7 minutes from JR Shimbashi station
on the Yamanote line
・Ueno Park
・National museum
・Ueno Zoo
・Ameya Yokocho
JR Yamanote line "Akihabara station"
8 minutes from JR Shimbashi station
on the Yamanote line
・Anime Shops
・Akihabara Electric Town
Toei Oedo line "Roppongi station"
10 minutes from Shiodome station
on the Toei Oedo line
・Roppongi Intersection
・Roppongi Hills
・Tokyo Mid town
・The National Art Center
Tokyo Metro Ginza line "Omotesando station"
15 minutes from Shinbashi station
on the Tokyo Metro Ginza line
・Omotesando Hills
JR Keiyou line "Maihama station"
From Shimbashi station on the JR
Yamanote line to Tokyo station
Change to the Keiyou line - 25 minutes
・Tokyo Disney Resort