The Royal Park Canvas - Kobe Sannomiya




Kobe offers stunning views of both the ocean and the mountains.
But its most appealing area is the heart of the city, the Sannomiya area.
The small alleyways up the slope and the area under the overpass that stretches from the station bustle with small fashion shops and restaurants, like a marketplace.

Awaiting you in Kobe are unique sundries and accessories, LOCAL food, and a diverse food culture you’ll find only in Kobe.
Discover new encounters in Kobe, a city where the ocean and mountains embrace.

Kobe, a city of FUN!

We are the new base for your stay, drawn by people and the port city culture.
Our unique exterior is inspired by the sails of ship. Sometimes like a ship going on a voyage with "CANVAS" sails, or sometimes like a "CANVAS" where you can draw whatever you wish. You can freely enjoy your stay both in the city and hotels with us.

Once you step out of the door, you'll find small fashion and gourmet shops, and an entire city that feels like a market. Step inside the hotel, and you'll find our "CANVAS Lounge" where you can CONNECT with LOCAL people as well as experience culture, such as tea or sake. Our staff who loves this city will entertain you with the FUN of the city.

City and hotel, work or play. For those who never forget to enjoy.

Kobe, a city of FUN! We are the new base for your stay, drawn by people and the port city culture.


The Royal Park Canvas
@Kobe Sannomiya

from Sannomiya Station on the Kobe Municipal Subway Approx. 2minutes walk

from Kobe-Sannomiya Station on the Hankyu Line Approx. 5minutes walk

from JR Sannomiya Station Approx. 6minutes walk

from Kobe-Sannomiya Station on the Hanshin Line Approx. 8minutes walk

from Sannomiya Station on the Port Liner Approx. 9minutes walk

Kobe Airport

Approx. 18 minutes on the Port Liner

Kansai International Airport

Approx. 48 minutes via high-speed craft

Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport)

Approx. 40 minutes by limousine bus

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If you are using public transport, you can receive a 10% discount on the displayed price for CANVAS items sold at the front reception. Please present a public transportation ticket or IC card usage history as proof when making a purchase. For more details, please ask our staff.



  • Comfort Double
  • Standard Twin
  • Deluxe Twin
  • Suite
  • Comfort Double

    An ocean and mountain-themed room with only a shower booth. It is equipped with a desk for easy PC work, making it ideal for business use.

    Occupancy 1-2 guests
    Rooms Size 18.6~21.1㎡
    Bed Size W1800mm × L1950mm


    Comfort Double

  • Standard Twin

    This standard room features a bathroom with a washing space and bathtub.The room’s colors give the impression of the mountains, with a striking yellow and green carpet.

    Occupancy 1-2 guests
    Rooms Size 21.6~25.7㎡
    Bed Size W1100mm × L1950mm(2 Beds)


    Standard Twin

  • Deluxe Twin

    This spacious room offers accommodations for up to three people. The bathroom features a bathtub while the toilet facilities are separate, encouraging a relaxing stay.

    Occupancy 1-3 guests
    Rooms Size 27.3~29.9㎡
    Bed Size W1100mm × L1950mm(2 Beds)
    + Sofa Bed W950mm × L1950mm


    Deluxe Twin

  • Suite

    This suite is located in the corner of the top floor, and can accommodate up to four people. The windows on two walls offer a distinctive view of Kobe, from the ocean to the mountains.

    Occupancy 1-4 guests
    Rooms Size 40.6㎡
    Bed Size W1200mm × L1950mm(2 Beds)
    + W1000mm × L1880mm(2 Beds)




Free Internet Access(wired/wireless) / Refrigerators / Simmons® Beds / TV / Electric kettle / Deodorizing spray / Hanger / Safe box / Pajamas (Separated tops and bottoms)

The following equipment is available at the Lending Room on the 2nd floor for you to bring back to your room.

Trouser press / Straightening iron / Scale / Blanket / Memory foam pillow / Buckwheat pillow / Extension cord

※Lending room is temporary closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Please inquire at the front desk.

Please ask at the front reception regarding the lending of the following furnishings.

Blu-ray / DVD player / Humidified air purifier / Nail clippers / Portable battery charger / ADP / Power strip / LAN cable / Cold pack / Baby crib


Please ask at the front reception regarding the lending of the following furnishings.

Toothbrush / Slippers

You can pick up following amenities at “CANVAS PICK” in the lobby.

Razor / Hairbrush / Cotton / Rolling pin / Shower cap / Body towel / Green tea / Tea / Coffee / Roasted tea / Umekobucha tea / Mineral water / Face care packet / Basic Cosmetics(Makeup remover, Face wash, Toner, Emulsion.)

Green Down Project

We use bedding provided through the Green Down Project,*in which bedclothes product maker Nishikawa Co., Ltd. participates.
*The Green Down Project is an initiative promoting the use of circular resources. The bedding is made from feathers taken from products that were used once and collected domestically.
The feathers are removed and washed at a Japanese factory, and then recovered for use.


Operating hours 6:30 - 24:00 (L.O. 23:00)
Business hours may be changed in accordance with the declaration of a state of emergency.
Seating capacity 47 seats (indoor), 12 seats (terrace), 8 seats (private room)
Facilities 84-inch display / DJ booth

Relax in a refreshing modern space that gives the impression of the ocean, while enjoying a street view from the terrace table. Spend your time freely here, using it as a break area or a workspace. In addition to enjoying breakfast, café or bar time, sometimes there are events that are easy to join.

Guests staying at the hotel can receive complimentary tea and coffee.
All seating is smoke-free.


Operating hours 6:30 - 10:00
Menu We offer buffet dishes that you can eat enough, such as curry rice supervised by the head chef of Yokohama Royal Park Hotel and rice flour noodle dish "Pho".

For bread, we offer fragrant croissants, round bread, and fruit danish pastry from Kobe's Mikage boulangerie "Bienvenue".
The round bread has cuts, so please enjoy it with your favorite ingredients.

For dessert, enjoy seasonal fruits and orange jelly, commonly known as "Tokuren Jelly", which is familiar to Kobe children for school lunch.
Price 1,500 yen per person


  • CAFE
  • CAFE
Operating hours 11:00 - 18:00
Menu Coffee: from 500 yen, Tea: from 800 yen

Kobe is a port city that has a long history of making European-style sweets and breads which is combined with tea culture.

The Canvas Lounge serves drinks that deliver the flavor of Kobe, such as the Fruit Tea which combines dried fruits and tea from LOCAL tea specialty shop Lakshimi, and Honey Tea of the finest quality.


Operating hours 18:00 - 24:00(L.O. 23:00)
Menu examples Drinks: from 500 yen

The perfect place to enjoy your evening and chill out. CANVAS Lounge can be relaxing or exciting depending on your occasion. Have FUN while enjoying craft beer and the Kobe specialty of LOCAL sake.


Is it a HOTEL or CANVAS? Make It Happen

Is it a HOTEL or CANVAS?

It’s more fun to spend my time in the lounge rather than staying in the room.
I’m more impressed with encounters rather than facilities.

Meet someone, something begins.
Giving you possibilities that no hotels ever have.